Favorite orange ghost morph?

I love the Orange ghost morph, both as it appears in hatchlings and as it develops in adults. Here is my mimosa baby boy, one of my favorite orange ghost combinations. I love the slow waves of transition from orange to purple. Easily my favorite champagne combo, as well!

I only wish I could afford my very favorite combo, high quality orange ghost genetic stripe combinations, especially with Mojave in the mix.

But even just a one gene orange ghost is thing of great beauty, both as a neonate and especially as an adult.

What are your favorite orange ghost combinations? Post pictures of your animals if you work in this project, particularly adults!


Hands down my favorite I’ve seen (and own) with Orange Ghost is GHI.

I’ve also seen some exceptional stuff recently with Red Stripe.

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Appreciate that. To my knowledge, I’m currently the only one producing them. There should be at least one more guy producing some this season.

Before the RS Hypos, cinnamon/black pastel hypos were my favorite combo.

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I owned a SPOG back when they were fairly new. He definitely the most colorful BP I ever owned. Now they are pretty commonplace but I still think they are beautiful. I also really like ultraglow and orange hypo pied.

I have produced my fair share of hypo combos over the years and one of my favorites is of course one I did not produce.



We are working on a Hypo Mystic Potion project and I want to add GHI and Shatter to it.

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Black pastel orange ghost is one of my faves. I like any of the dark morphs mixed with ghost for the contrast.

Sorry for the cruddy photo


My other favorite which I did not produced either


Hypo fire spider, I love the grays in this girl.

Hypo pastel enchi lesser I’m not sure which is my favorite, they all are my favorite for different reasons.


Hands my favorite is the super chocolate OG