Favorite places to go herping

What are some of your favorite spots, either near your home or in the country to go herping?
For myself I’ve been down to the Loma Alta region in Texas twice. Once about 11 years ago and just previously last May. It’s probably my favorite place to look for herps. I’ve had luck finding one of my favorite species the Bairds rat snake, multiple subspecies of rattle snakes and a few others. I find it to be very dense with herps, and one of the best places in the country to explore.
I also love herping in the Bad Lands and Black Hills of South Dakota. There isn’t a vast amount of species to find there but if you don’t have luck, the landscape is just beautiful and gives you many other animals to see besides reptiles.
I’m eager to see where some of you enjoy to go, and maybe I’ll have a next destination to herp during this pandemic.