FB tubs 40's, 70's or both?

I’m looking to purchase some racks that’ll utilize the Freedom Breeder tubs for my ball pythons. I was initially thinking I would need a rack of FB 40’s for my males and smaller females and a rack of FB 70’s for the larger girls and for breeding.

But, looking at the tub dimensions the only difference between the FB40’s and FB70’s is 4 inches in width. Should I spend money getting separate racks and tubs to have 40’s and 70’s? Or just buy all 70’s?

If your males aren’t shy they should do fine in a 70, most of mine are. It can be nice to have a smaller male/juvie rack as well but probably not entirely necessary for adults. I use an old FB rack with tubs like the newer 80W for my biggest girls and they seem to appreciate it, again probably not totally necessary for ball pythons.

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If you have an idea as to how many mature breeding females you’ll be keeping vs. males and younger females, you can get a couple of levels of each on the same rack because the triple wide 70s and quadruple wide 40s have the same footprint.

Thanks for the info. If anyone else has any feedback I’d like to hear it also.

I’m personally a pet owner before a breeder. I’d say get 70s, if done properly more space never hurts.


I keep all of mine - males, females, and juveniles in the FB70 tubs and they do just fine. Your can always add an extra hide, or a few branches to make them feel more secure

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More sizes maximize efficiency.

I have raised ball pythons from hatchling to adult in 70 series, utilizing appropriate sized hides. But I could have done so using less space and less substrate moving them from 5 to 10 to 40 to 70 series. Breeders with high quantities do this for efficiency. How many sizes you need depends on how efficient you want/need your setup to be.

Also, a useful tactic to break feeding strikes is a change of environment and many people find when they move their animal down a tub size it helps entice them back on food. Having more tub size options helps with that. Again, similar changes to environment could be achieved through hides etc but it’s not as efficient and perhaps not as effective as moving to a completely smaller tub.