Featured listings ranked higher for their given genes

Just another idea… For example having Pro account animal listings featured before regular account listings under its given genes. So if I have a pro account and list an Enchi Yellowbelly Ball Python it gets added like any other animal however if somebody clicks on the Enchi or Yellowbelly gene tag it pulls the Pro account users animal listings under that gene first & then lists the regular account listings for the given gene. Anyone else think this would be a good future to add?

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Honestly im not sure how to feel about this one, you could argue that people who pay more “deserve” something like this for regular browsing or filtered searches.

But if you have animals sorted by how much people are paying the site then newer breeders are even LESS likely to be seen or grow, anyone using a free or basic account would almost never be in the first page for species like Ball Pythons or Corn Snakes.

This I feel may unfairly pressure people to buy higher tiers of memberships, buying a bigger plan should not be a requirement in order to have your animals displayed on the first page(s).

As it stands I love how the tiers are set up, you don’t HAVE to buy them, but the things they provide are nice.


I really appreciate the way that MorphMarket presents a level playing field. As both a buyer and as a seller, I appreciate allowing the animals to be front and center in the process. I focus first on the animal. Do I pay attention to the Seller’s reviews, reputation, MM Store? Of course. I’m one of those who really does read all the Store info. I’ve bought and sold to/from people who are at all levels of the hobby.

Seems to me that this would turn MorphMarket into just another web search which involves wading through a group of folks who can/want to pay for increased visibility. That’s got its place, no doubt. I simply appreciate that its place has not been here at MorphMarket .

Each membership level from Free to Pro accounts is a good fit for someone. People choose their membership level for various reasons, including the size of their current collection, their desire to list X-number of animals, their thoughts about community perception, and other things. Paid memberships aren’t necessarily indicative of knowledge, experience, animal quality, passion or commitment. I’ve had both good and terrible experiences with people at all levels.

MorphMarket does an excellent job of presenting animals for sale. I appreciate the tools available to me as a buyer and a seller. I applaud the fact that all of the animals for sale are presented in the same way, no matter who lists them. I wouldn’t want to see this change.


I don’t think I could’ve said this better.