Featured Stores

Sellers can now promote their store in the “Shop” feed for specific categories by purchasing an add-on for $10.00 per month and per category.

Purchasing Add-Ons

To feature your store, you will need to purchase an add-on. This can be done from the Subscriptions page. This is the same page you will use to purchase/renew/update your membership.

  • To access this page, click the User Menu in the upper right corner.

  • When the menu opens, click “Account Settings” and “Subscriptions.”

  • Scroll down to the “Add-Ons” section.
  • Click on the arrow next to “Sponsor a Category.”

  • Click on the category or categories you would like to feature your store on.
    • Each feature is $10/month per category.
      • These will automatically be renewed each month unless auto-renew is disabled by the seller.
    • Stores will only appear in categories where the seller has currently listed animals.
    • Stores will only appear in the selected category.
      • For example, if a seller selects “Ball Pythons,” it will only appear under “Ball Pythons” and not “All Pythons” and “All Animals.”
  • Once you have selected all of the categories you would like to promote your store on, exit the menu.
  • Click “Subscribe.”
    • You will see the total price listed next to the subscribe button.
    • Please allow several minutes for your featured store to appear in the feed.
    • Featured Stores will only appear on the Grid View on mobile devices.
    • Stores will appear in a randomized order depending on how many stores are featured in each category.
  • The add-on will be charged to your payment method on file.

If there is more than one featured store per category, they will display as follows:

If there is only one featured store in that category, it will appear like this:

Editing Add-Ons

Once you purchase an add-on, they will be displayed in the “Add Ons” section.

  • From here, you can turn off auto-renew or cancel an add-on.
  • Depending on your device size, you may need to scroll horizontally to see all the info.

PLEASE NOTE: Cancelling an add-on does NOT refund the purchase. All add-ons are FINAL and will not be refunded.


Seems to be a bug with displaying stores correctly if they’re already followed.

For instance, I follow bobs balls, but when he shows up as a featured store, it gives me the option to “follow” which if I click, unfollows him and then I have to click again to refollow.

Edit to add this as well. I do not follow morph jungle, but the page indicates I currently do follow them for some reason.

@brittni-admin @eaglereptiles


Thank you for this info! I am informing our team now!


I think this is neat! Is there any type of verbiage or announcement alerting MM users of this new feature? I know it’s just on the app in grid view. Although I knew I had seen this post here and quickly skimmed over the info in it, I did think it was a bug when I was browsing through ball python listings in the app. I quickly remembered seeing this post so I came back to read it more carefully and realized this was working exactly as stated. I don’t know what MM app users who aren’t on this MRC app are thinking when they see the new feature .
I think that since other apps and websites have this same feature it probably isn’t confusing. I am probably overthinking this. It’s likely a non-issue that only my weird mind noticed


I believe they sent out an email with info on it as well


To be honest, I don’t really love this new feature. I find it disruptive while browsing and in this internet age of ads being pushed constantly, I’m so accustomed to actively avoiding sponsored links on Google or ads on other sites, that I automatically avoid clicking any featured store.


One issue i have found is that a store i have blocked is being promoted in this way. Can some sort of feature be added that stops this? I dont mind looking at new stores, but its annoying to see something that i have already decided i dont want to see.


I brought this up to the devs and as of right now this would have enormous negative performance implications, but once we have other things in the pipeline done it will likely be possible for the future ~V2.0