Feeder insects

Can someone give me some tips on breeding superworms, mealworms, and dubias? I have them upstairs and it gets hot up there because there’s no air conditioning or fans up there and there’s a plywood board laying across the top of the stairs.

Usually stays in the 70’s but gets to around 88 someday but rarely over 90 degrees. I check it with a Bluetooth thermometer. Is this too hot?
And how can I get them to reproduce faster?

Hi there! Unfortunately i am no expert on worms, but we can definitely help you with the dubia! They reach sexual maturity between 3 and 6 months, at which point the females produce maybe 30 nymphs every 30 days or so. If speed is your goal, you are better off with a fast, hardy breeder like lobsters, hissers or orange heads. We have all those on our site in our profile. BUT, regardless of species, the temps have to be much higher than you are keeping them. Feeder roaches are generally tropical and exotic species, so they like 90s and above like it relatively humid. Do you lightly mist your bins? You can keep a heating pad under the bin, and that should help move things along. And what are you feeding? Supposedly oranges encourage breeding. We feed fresh fruits and veggies as well as a special grain and protein mix i can give you more info on if you need it. Message me anytime if you have questions or need breeding adults. Good luck!