Feeder rodents in NC?

Hi Everyone,

New to the community here. I recently aquired a group of adult females that is pushing my collection to close to 20. I’d like to start a small breeding project next year but haven’t established my own rodent colony yet. Is anyone on here local to NC/SC and if so can you recomend a place to get live feeders? I’m located in Wilmington on the coast and only one “pet store” here even carries rats and they’re pet variety so expensive.

Some of the females and one or two of my subadults don’t seem to be interested in frozen/thawed…rats or mice! By first part of next year I should have my rodent breeding program up and running.


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I raise a lot of rodents but am located in South Carolina closer to Georgia. You might want to try a repticon show. They will have someone there most likely with feeder rodents.

Thanks. I’m going to keep working to get all of mine on to frozen/thawed but also considering making the investment to start a feeder colony. Do you find that your hatchlings require live hoppers or something similar or can you start them on F/T? Do you use all of the feeders you raise or do you also sell them locally?