Feeder sellers in southeast Nebraska?

My ride screwed me over to pick up a food shipment today and my LRS is crazy expensive ($10 per prekilled small or hopper rat, double up if you want a medium or a large) and I want to make sure my babies get food and I buy food at a reasonable price, if push comes to shove I’ll buy the expensive stuff but I want to try everything I have before I give up. I live in Lincoln and would prefer a half hour drive or closer or delivery, I feel bad having to make a post about this and that I’m being so picky but I hope to find somebody local who I can trust with getting feeders from for quality and a good price since I don’t have a rat breeding colony yet. TIA


Do you need live/prekilled, or does frozen work? You could order in bulk from one of the major online distributors. I’ve used cold blooded cafe without any issues and they seem high quality. I’ve been using them for 2 years or so now.

Obviously shipping is a factor, so you’d likely want to be able to order a large enough quantity that it would justify the shipping cost.


Sounds like frozen is your best option. I have ordered from Rodent Pro in the past with no issues and as @nswilkerson1 suggested, if you buy in bulk it will help defray the shipping cost.

Good luck! :blush:


How temporary is your supply issue? If you just want a short term solution, is Animal Exotics Inc a place youve ever tried? Reviews specifically say they have live feeder mice if that’s something you’re willing to do to hold you over for a bit. I screenshotted the page…

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Thank you all so much :heart: I believe it to be a temporary problem as the issue is the new seller I’m going by is a bit of a drive away but they’re totally worth it and I set it up with my ride but I’ve gotten screwed over by them two times now so I’ve been going with the local places for a couple weeks. Also yes I’m look for f/t prekilled so online sources are definitely an option, I’ve just been unable to find good ones, thanks for all the helpful suggestions! Hoping meals will be a bit less expensive these next few weeks for all eleven babies


Petsmart has frozen feeders if you just need something to tide you over, but i don’t have any idea how costs compare to other sources. The store i posted in the screenshot in my previous comment I think they also have f/t. Maybe price check between all options everyone suggested to save a few bucks at least. Good luck, and I hope you find a reliable supplier soon!

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