Feeders Category [872]

Anyway to add a Feeder section? Would make it a one-stop shopping site and bring in more buyers.


I’m not sure how a feeder section would go down but it think it would be a good business move for @john to join forces with a big rodent breeder in the same fashion he has with Ship Your Reptile.


We do want to add feeders onto our site but they would not be a partnership fashion, but more like the sellers in our marketplace.

Local search for this would be great.


Was thinking it would be great if there was a new categories for things like racks, cages, and accessories. Plus another one for feeders. These are things everyone uses and needs. So why not have a place to sell them here?


Yea id love to see this as well, would be nice to have a place to get high quality feeders to really make it a one stop shop. And hopefully have less of a risk with getting garbage feeders that are just massed produced with the shop reviews.

It really wouldn’t affect the quality because if this were added it would only show the buyers the sellers, the seller would still be the one selling to the buyer, not morphmarket itself, however the reviews would help because you get legitimate reviews from the buyers, not just the ones the sellers want you to see.

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When do you think a feeder category will join MorphMarket ? I hate having to use multiple websites to compare prices for feeders for my snakes and geckos.