Feeding advice?

I recently got a really young ball python who was supposed to eat about two weeks ago. I don’t know if I should just try to wait it out but I’ve ran out of ideas to try to get him to eat. Anything helps!

How old is the baby, what was he eating with the breeder, and how much does it weigh? What is your setup like (pictures help), how big is it and what are the temperatures/humidity in it? How long have you left it alone to settle in?

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Welcome Summie :wave::blush:

First things first… Picture taxes, each and every answer will cost you 1 cute picture of your snake :wink:… I’m just playing… :joy:

You will find this a useful read … New owner with non feeding hatchling, troubleshooting 101


Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here and you get the help you need. Reptiles make awesome pets and we’d all love to help you get your new arrival settled in and eating for you.
As the others have stated, more info on the snake itself and the current setup you have for it would certainly help with troubleshooting.