Feeding babies

So just curious what do you guys prefer to start your hatchlings on, mice hoppers or rat pups? I have been starting my hatchlings on mice hoppers for the most part but sometimes they are crazy so go to pups early. I usually do about 3 hoppers then move to pups. One season I raised up the hatchlings 200-300 grams through adult mice then switched to rat weans. Anyway just wondering how others do.

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Everything is started on mice here simply because I get a higher success rate of meal taken, first time offered. They are switched after 2 to 3 meals.


I start everything on rat fuzzies.

I used to start with mouse fuzzies, then after 3 meals switch to hoppers until about 100 grams, then rats. Lately I have had fantastic success starting on rat fuzzies. Only once out of the last 6 cluthes did I need to get a fuzzy mouse

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Nice, I’m thinking of trying that approach. Mice hoppers are just crazy little devil’s