Feeding Day Photos (small collection)

Sunday is feeding day for corn snakes here at the Dixon house. Six babies were weighed and six tummies were filled! All are new additions except for Grima, who has been with us for several weeks now. My husband helped me out and got his first ever snake bite and musk (separate snakes). The girls were quite feisty and lived up to their namesakes.

First up is Grima (Diffused Peppermint) at 10g in his brand new skin. This is from a few days ago.

Then we have Makoto (Cinder Lava) at 11g. I caught him doing a blep.

And the last boy is Arthas (Anery Lava) at 10g. This pic doesn’t really do him justice, he’s absolutely stunning. I’m also quite biased, he’s my favorite of the bunch.

Now, the girls didn’t really take good pictures, especially Azula (Sunkissed) so hopefully next time I can get better shots of them. Azula weighed in at 8g.

I caught Azshara (Sunkissed Lavender) curled up before we took her out for feeding and snapped a quick pic. It turned out better than her post feeding picture so it’s the one I kept. She is the smallest of the bunch at 6g.

Last but not least, miss Bellatrix (Anery Sunkissed) at 11g. She’s the biggest of the females and is matched in size only by Makoto. :heart:

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading!


Great pictures @metalheadreptiles Emma! Is Raisinet in those pictures? I know you were going to change her name…….


Hi Caron!

Nope, miss Raisinet is still with @solarserpents until temps cool down. I haven’t decided what I’m going to name her yet. When I figure it out I’ll post in the birthday eggs thread about it for sure!


Wow, what a nice selection you have! Lava cinder is one of my favorites! Definitely post more pictures of all of them as they grow!


I am completely in love with this morph combo, just saying.


Beauties! I also have an Azula, though mine is an Ultramel Anery Tessera.


I’m assuming you have breeding plans for them?


Thanks all for the compliments. I can’t wait to see what they all look like as adults, especially the boys.

@caron I do have breeding plans for them all, yes! Including Raisinet (she’ll be paired with Arthas).


Well best wishes to you for great success and as always keep us updated! You already know we love pictures! :blush:

Edit: And btw your noodles are knockouts! :clap::100:


What bewitching babies, @metalheadreptiles ! Lovely pics as well. We’ll be looking forward to watching them grow. It’s truly a pleasure to me to watch the way they change. Thanks for sharing.