Feeding Frequency and Size

Ok so I have a adult albino female currently around 1200 grams which i feed a med rat once every other week and a subadult pastel enchi female a little over 700 grams I feed a small rat once every other week and a juvenile pastel clown around 185-200 grams i feed a small mouse every week are these good feeding schedules or should I bump them up to bigger sizes or feed more often

This is from @stewart_reptiles


Ok so I should be feeding my females weekly then

It depends really on if they are willing and wanting to eat weekly or if you are trying to add some weight to female that are building reserves for breeding. You can and should skip meals if they are looking too fat or not really interested in eating.


Ok thank you very much I think I’m gonna keep my enchi on the bi weekly scale but move her up to med rats and I’m gonna put my albino on a weekly scale