Feeding geckos

I am trying to feed my geckos some new insects is a hornworm too big for a full-grown female leo

Depends on the size of the hornworm. They can outgrow a full grown leo but you can feed smaller ones

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I use scissors to cut them and super worms that are too big. It’s gross but easier than a knife or trying to keep certain sizes on hand all the time. Rule of thumb is nothing bigger than the width from eye to eye.

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Depends like others have said but I say just ask the place for their smallest hornworms. They Greg’s double everyday!

I feed hornworms all the time, but they must be small, just as the others have said. They grow very quickly, and the growth rate accelerates with time as well as warmer temperatures. Make sure you supplement/gut-load appropriately to get the correct Calcium : Phosphorus balance.