Feeding help!

I bought this beautiful girl awhile back, breeder said she has always ate great she would go off food sometimes but no more than a week or two. We are going on two months and I have still not been able to get this girl to eat! My husbandry is right I have 4 others that are doing amazing since the day I got them I do look up just to double check and everything is spot on. I have tried feedings in a dark quiet room I have tried live, F/T, mice, rats, ASF, different sizes of each. I have offered her food once a week and she shows zero interest. The only thing I can think is change in enclosure because she was in a tub with the breeder I got her from and now she is in a pvc enclosure but would that change make her go off food this long? She laid babies in the spring(not while with me) and they said they had no problem getting her back on food. I wasn’t worried at first because she was looking healthy but now she has started loosing weight and I’m at a lose of what to do. Any help would be appreciated! Also I know the stigma with spiders, she does have a small wobble but it is almost non existent, not enough to cause her eating problems.


My suggestion is not to worry about it. No adult ball python that’s healthy has ever starved itself to death. The snake will eat when it’s ready. I don’t start getting concerned until they’ve been off feed for a full 12 months or more when it’s an adult. Their metabolism and our patience have nothing in common.


I had one go off food for a year. I tryied something i seen online and it seems to work. I do not know if it was a coincidence, but find it hard to believe he ate right after doing it. I have no long term info as to if it will continue to eat or need the treatment to keep it eating. It will take some time to get this data. If you want to try it, here it is. But, i do not think 2 months is a long time for it not to eat.
Soak it in warm water with “Reptile Electrolyte Soak” (follow directions to mix and i bought it off Amazon). Day 1 I soaked it for 30min then skipped day 2 then did it again on day 3. The next day (day 4) i tried to feed it and it ate. I fed it a rat pup to get it started. This is its first meal in a year. (Well 1 week shy of a year)
A little back info, i tried all the tricks. Changing bedding, changing complete housing, moving it to another lication, adjusting heat and humidity, tried different size mice and rats, live and f/t, delayed trying to feed (2 weeks and month) and even offered more often. I am sure there are other things i tried and nothing worked.


@ballornothing is correct of course, I just wanted to add that it takes ball pythons sometimes months to get used to a new enclosure before being secure and comfortable enough to want to eat. I moved a few sub adults to a larger sized rack, right by there old smaller rack and 2 didn’t want to eat for months! That’s in the same area, yours are from a totally different place. It definitely worries us more then the ball pythons, that’s for sure!


Thank you guys so much! Makes me feel a lot better about it just want to make sure she is ok! Thank you guys again!

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I had an adult female that refused to eat until I put her in a smaller tub. She just didn’t feel safe in the bigger tub despite it being the standard size for an adult female.
Perhaps try a smaller enclosure or tub setup?

Otherwise I wouldn’t stress, adult ball pythons can go a surprisingly long time without eating and be perfectly fine.

I also wanted to mention, she looks gorgeous! I love how clean her pattern looks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


would’nt stress too much,i have one that has recently come off an 8 month fast,eating well now so just be patient regards Tony

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