Feeding Male while breeding

When breeding a male. When he gets a break and feeds, is it best to allow him to fully digest his meal? Or can he go back to breeding soon after ?

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You want to keep your male on a regular feeding schedule and allow him to digest, he has plenty of time to get in rotation, remember that all he has to do is be paired to a single female once a month to get the job done.


I always give males time to digest then an extra day on top of it to allow them to build more energy before placing them in with another female.

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I feed every Saturday and introduce males with females on Tuesday and they will usually release their lock by Thursday/Friday so I am always building in a 2+ day digestion period and a 1-2 day rest period before feeding again although feed is typically irregular for me when they are breeding. They get a full rest when they go into shed. This schedule has worked well for me the last 4 seasons although I only produce a handful of clutches each year. This season I did breed 1 male to 3 females and this rotation worked well.