Feeding mode

So i just fed Candy around 5.5 hours ago and she ate it with 0 hesitation! Amazing! How long does feeding mode last on average so that i can handle her? I havent been home last few days and so i havent been able to handle her and i miss her so im curious how long feeding mode lasts


I’d wait about 12-24 hours, depending on the metabolism of the snake and the size of the meal.


“Feeding mode” isn’t really a thing in the way you’re describing. When people talk about “food mode” they’re talking about a snake that is expressing feeding behavior and might be more prone to accidentally striking at the person feeding. The reason it’s suggested that you wait to handle after feeding is so they don’t regurgitate their meal. I’d wait more like 24-48 hours with a corn snake, some digest a bit slower.


Definitely wait 24 to 48 hours as @noodlehaus said. You don’t want her to regurgitate. I wait 48 hours with all my snakes just to be safe. It might be over kill on my part but I want to be sure. Regurgitation is of course very hard on any snake imho only…….


An update! A super duper big update!

Candy had eaten and i left her alone as you all had reccommended, and strangeley in the last day or two she has been shedding!
Shes in deep shed and i have left her alone and will continue to do so until she has fully shed, after tbis i will examine for any stuck shed and such and dispose of the shed or even keep it i dunno yet. Thank you all for the support you have been giving me throughout my snake mommy journey