Feeding Schedule for Cal Kings?

Hi All!
Does anyone have a guideline they follow for a feeding schedule for cal kings?

I like to have a little cheat sheet on hand and was wanting to type out an easy guide.

I have 3 hatchlings, currently feeding them a pinky every 7 days as that was their breeder’s schedule as well.


Pretty much feed it once a week for life. Watch for obesity and back off if need be. Size wise, feed a meal about as thick as the snake is in the middle.


Perfect, nice and easy. I didn’t want to overthink it, but being newer to kings I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.


I have a new gray banded baby girl and she is a little pistol! She eats once a week as well. She is more wiggly than my baby milk! Lol


what others said; once a week for life is good. my guy goes off food during breeding season and has a strong preference for mice over rats, but otherwise he is usually a sure-fire eater for me.


Another vote for once a week.
Kings can be absolutely voracious feeders. They will sometimes eat until they get sick, so a consistent 7 day schedule of the proper sized prey is ideal.

Don’t let those puppy dog eyes fool you into an every 4 or 5 day schedule and a sausage instead of a snake.


Wonderful, thank you! I have some corns that are excellent beggars, so I’m used to resisting those puppy dog eyes LOL


Someone on here - @ashleyraeanne maybe? - suggested prey 10% the size of the snake, by weight. Once a week. It has served me well with my Mexican Black Kingsnake.

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