Feeding Size?

These two weren’t sexed but they are around 4.5 feet each (Probably females, but I’m keeping their male names haha, too late to change it) and they’re a bit underweight. They act like starved wolves, especially the slightly skinnier one. I fed 2 small rats (Very small, but not exactly weaned, they were for my 284g girl) to the big aggressor (Couldn’t grab them unless they were eating a second rat, otherwise I might have gotten bit again) while the other one (The healthier one) ate 1 and hide in their hide poking out for more- I’m thinking of medium rats (89g-174.9g as RodentPro says) and was wondering if that’d help?

Story is- they were fed once a month, 3 small rats or 6 adult mice. All live. I’m trying to feed frozen bi weekly now, but also want them to get to a nice weight. Should I do the larges (175g+), or the mediums? Can weigh those two yet, my scale is too small and they’re a bit too hyper. But here’s some pictures. If it helps, my hand is about 4 inches wide haha

If you want an animal feeding with consistency I would recommend mediums and nothing larger, even my 4000 grams females only get medium rats.

Because they want to eat more does not mean they need to eat more and skipping food every now and than is also a good thing,

BP in captivity are generally overfed and feeding smaller preys will allow you to have an animal that is more consistent.



Thanks! Should I try weekly, or biweekly while getting them used to being handled again? And do you know how much an average 4.5 foot BP female should weigh? I’ve never had adults yet, and I’m not sure

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I feed smaller weekly for consistency and skip a meal every 8 to 10 weeks for my adults, the feeding regimen changes for female pre-breeding however I change the frequency but not prey size, and this is because they are breeding.

Feeding mangement should differ whether you have a pet or a breeder as well.

As far as weight there is no right weight instead you need to focus on proper body condition and proportion and appropriate feeding.

When it comes to feeding this is what I do and recommend to my customers also,

Growing them slow and steady does not stop them from getting to 3000/4000 grams sadly too many people those days want to grow them as fast as possible and feed them way too much when there is really no need to do so.


Very true! They’re about 7 years old from what the owner said, and I have no plans to breed them so nice and slow is perfect haha. Never heard of purposely skipping a meal though, that’s really interesting