Feeding success!

Just wanted to share this and ask for advice: My male Toffeeconda Western Hognose that i got 2 months ago ate for me for the first time today! I was getting a bit worried, since he started loosing weight (just 1g but he’s only 30g still ^^°) I had tried everything besides scenting at this point, thongs, no thongs, outside the enclosure, inside, leaving him alone with it overnight, braining… Nothing worked. He seemed interested, but after sniffing it looked like he wouldn’t really know what do do with it. I have no acces to frog scent, but i read about scenting with tuna, so i gave it a try. He wasn’t even hesitating, munched right down on it, was gone in under 4 seconds. The breeder told me he never scented with anything and at this point i’m just like, hey if he eats thats good enough for me. Just a quick question for all the hognose specialists out there: In your opinion, does anything speak on just keeping him on scented rodents or should i try switch him onto unscented again soon? Unlike frog scent, i can at least guarantee to have tuna available :smiley: