Feeding tips for KSB

so recently (2days a go) I got a 1 month old pair ksb and today I found 2 little poops and I saw them going around exploring so I thought they were hungry but I see that they aren’t like boas constrictor ( they didn’t ate) do u guys have any tips for feeding babies picky eaters sandies?

Ideally you should have wait a week before offering food aside from that it’s hard to give tips without details.

First things first what is your setup like from enclosure size to temps to substrate.

What and how did you attempt to feed?

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so the Tupperwares is 30cm x 15cm and the temperatures r 31 C hot side and 26 in the cool side I tried to feed them out of their enclosure (to avoid sand getting in their mouth) a frozen pinky

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I would be bumping those temps 1 degree on the cool end and 2 degrees on the warm side and feed IN the enclosure. Either offer of the tongs or place the pinky on a little square of paper towel.

Hopefully they are established feeders and were switch to F/T because if not you will have to feed live for a few meals before switching.

Females are usually ravenous male can be tricky, those a very young and hopefully you have the experience to deal with such young animals and this was just a fluke because of being fed to early and outside their enclosure.


thank u buddy

For my KSB there are two feeding techniques I do simply because one of my snakes refuses to eat otherwise. But for both I take the snakes out of their tank/tub and put them in a small circular container.

For the one that refuses to eat off tongs I simply put his food item up against one of the sides of the container and put on the lid and cover up with a dark towel. If lid does not fit well you can sit a rock or other heavy object on top of container.

For the ones that do eat from tongs I also put them in a small circular container and then holding the food item I gently move the head of it in front of one of them with small movements. I’ll also sometimes just barely touch the food item to the tip of their little mouth.

Both of the ones that eat from tongs from me were only eating live which is why I say I make small movements using the tongs, holding food item until they latch and begin to eat. Thankfully live pinky mice and nice hot f/t are pretty much the same.

yeah very different from my BCI s I just bring the rats in the room and day start trowing random bites to everything

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I did everything you guys said and today after a week I tried again in the way @stewart_reptiles said but nothing changed

You just posted 5 days ago that you received them 2 days prior that means you tried to feed them 3 times in just 7 days, it’s too much.

When you do husbandry changes get your temps a little higher, you need to leave the animal alone for at least 7 days before offering food (no handling no messing around, than offer live food in the enclosure.

If that fails again you try again 7 days later, than after 3 times if it’s still fails you need to contact the breeder and see how the animal was kept and emulate that to a T.


My guy/gal you gotta wait a MINIMUM of seven solid days IF/WHEN you get your Temps and such on point. Sand boas and most snakes can go a long while without food without suffering. This isn’t like a mammal. Just leave them be. No touching, no contact. Water change only.

Once a solid 7 days (hell wait 10 days) has passed then try one of the above offered tips above. If that one tip doesn’t work, wait another 7,and try a different. Rinse repeat until either your snake eats. Between time contact the breeder, see what they did. Double check Temps and such.

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no 2 times that day and today