Feeding/weight watch

Hi I just wanted to show off my son and “his snake” wanted to ask a few questions on feeding and body weight for these guys this is my first Burmese she is 7 foot or a little more I feed her Guinea pigs(.5 lb) or a XXl rat once a week I was told from a few people to feed he a small rabbit ever two week ( 1-2lb rabbit) she is a year and a some months old what would be the best feed route to go I want the best for he she been in my care since may 2022 I have rabbits I breed for meat rabbits and rats can I get some opinions from your guys thanks


Oh my goodness! First, your son is a handsome little boy! I love those curls of hair! The snake is awesome as well!

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Burmese pythons other than the obvious, and that is their size! But you will have advice from others. That I do know!

All the best to you and your “son’s snake!” :lizard::frog::snake::blush:

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Nice pic! From what I see in the pic your burm looks to be at a very healthy weight to me. Burms are usually larger in girth to the same length retic, that is just there body type. However it is all too easy to overfeed these eager eaters. Now that it is over a year old you can for sure switch to larger rabbits every 2-4 weeks depending on size of the rabbit offered, I know a lot of keepers feed roughly every 3 weeks a larger(not huge)meal. You also can continue feeding smaller xxl rats and such weekly, it’s usually just a cost issue as well. It’s cheaper and easier to feed a adult every few weeks then weekly. The choice is yours, it looks great and you can continue feeding smaller meals weekly, or upsize with some rabbits every few weeks. I would probably feed rabbits, if it was my snake especially as it gets larger still. Thanks for the nice pic.