Feet Won't Stick

I have a friend that rescued a 5 year old crested gecko that looks and acts very healthy. All the husbandry elements are in the prefect range. He gets pangea diet rotations and various insects in his diet. ( He is VERY spoiled.)
But the little dude just can not stick to smooth surfaces. Not to glass or plastic or even wooden chairs. Just slides right down. She sent me a photo of the bottom of his feet and they look normal to me.
Anyone have solutions or explanations?

Thanks in advance!


It could be stuck shed or an upcoming shed. It could also be health problem (I don’t know what though) or everything’s fine and he’s just unique. How long has your friend had the gecko?


Just a couple of months. Here is the picture I was sent.


It doesn’t look like anything’s wrong, so I’m not sure.


Yeah it had me stumped so I thought I’d ask on here to the vast ocean of knowledge that is the MM community!


I’m sure someone else with more experience will chime in.


Can he not climb the glass when it’s dry? Do you know if he climbed the glass with previous owner?

Some of my Cresties don’t do great on glass when they are about to shed, but not that long. I know Cresties find plastic tubs harder to climb than glass.

It could be a nervous thing as moved.

One of my little Cresties spent the approx 6 months on the floor mostly, that’s where he felt safe. But now he climbs like crazy. I just made the enclosure to have more stuff down bottom for him until he started to explore more.


When the glass is wet, they don’t stick, if dry should be able too.

Feet look good to me, some just are pretty useless to be honest :sweat_smile:

I swear I spray the glass here and a few have a meltdown and slide off :woman_facepalming:t2:


Usually if it’s too wet, they do slide off. All of mine will slide right off. It’s kinda funny to watch.

I agree that the feet look fine. Maybe a sauna to see if it’s stuck shed that we aren’t seeing?


She says wet or dry he can’t hang on. I just told her to not worry too much about it and see if he starts climbing any. She said he even struggles to climb her shirt. So I’m at a loss. He’s gonna be fine though I bet.


Hello, did you ever figure out why your crested geckos can’t stick? Mine doesn’t seem to stick and slide off as well

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Nope. Never did. He does ok now though. Never has been much of a jumper either.

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I’m having the same issue with my crested gecko and I’m not sure why either I just want them to have a normal crested gecko life haha

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Is your gecko a juvenile or grown up?

Not too worry, were chatting on another thread :sweat_smile:

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