Female beardie attacking male

So while trying to pair my beardies tonight the male tried to approach the female after bobbing and her waving in submission at him but as soon as he attempted to approach her she lunged at him and bit him. Luckily she didn’t do any damage or break skin but I was wondering is this normal?

It likely means the female isn’t receptive or it isn’t even a female. When they’re receptive they usually allow the male to breed and if “she’s” a male then he would likely attack the other male in territorial behavior. DId you introduce the male into the “females” enclosure?

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yes i did and im sure its a female due to there being no pores and no hemipenal bulge

If the female’s old enough then it should be a female. Do you know if she’s developing eggs? If she is then she should be receptive or at least close to being receptive soon. For some animals introducing the female in the males enclosure or introducing them into a new enclosure without smells works best.


she seems to be developing so i may wait a while and try adding her into his enclosure.