Female growth rate

Hey guys I hope everyone’s doing well! I am looking at ordering a new snake tonight that weighs 800 grams, the seller said she will be breed able in the next 6-10 months. Is that an accurate guess? Or is it impossible to say as all snakes will grow different. Thanks!

Pretty tough to say. Everyone has a different target weight/ age they are looking for before they start breeding. I would doubt 6-10 months. But I’m sure it’s possible.

In my own instance, my girl that is around 800 grams now (mid 2019 hatchling) I am planning on being a 2022 breeder. Maybe late 2021…just have to see how she keeps progressing. But I’m shooting for mine to be a little bigger than she would “need” to be in ideal cases.


I’m not sure what year sorry!

Age is definitely something you should be asking each and every time. Especially if you’re considering breeding.

Age, current size, feeding habits, super important. I would not order a future breeder without knowing how old it is and how it eats.

Hopefully you can get those answers and get it ordered!


Breeding is more than size it’s a combination of age, weight and body proportions a female might be the proper optimum weight but not mature enough or not plump enough.

Additionally there is NO guarentee, this is her weight now in 6 or 10 months she could be the right size or hit the wall at 900/1000 grams and not eat for 6 months.

Some females meet all the requirement (age, size, proportion) at 18 months most do at 3 years and some take 4,5,6 years.

They all grow at a different rate so the best way not to be disapointed is not to have expectation of “when the animals will be ready” and let them grow at their own pace.


Thank you guys for the input! I sent the seller over a few more questions before I jump on it. I will come back and touch base when I hear back!

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she is 870 grams born in sept 2018

What are your plans for her? Do you have a male? Know what you might like to find for one at least? Or not yet?

It’s a normal rate for a female that age still does not guarantee anything though as I mentioned previously she could hit the wall at a 1000 grams and not eat for 6 months ;), but it is still getting you ahead compare to buying a 2020 hatchling.

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yes I have one male that will work, but I will most likely pick up another one while she is growing up

Sounds pretty good to me. If you like her and she fits your plans I’d do it! My sept-nov 18s are 1050-1200g but I’ve had them a lot longer so I’ve been feeding them more. That’s not a bad size for that age from a breeder at all.

awesome! Im about to buy her then! the original girl I was going to buy sold too fast but this one is locked in. shes a super pastel het clown spider pinstripe. very pretty

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That’s a nice snake. You have the base of guaranteed pastel along with basically 3 pattern changers in spider, pinstripe and clown depending on the pairing. Lemonblasts, bumblebees, pastel clowns, oh my!

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thank you! she will be my first clutch. Even if I just pair her with a normal clown I think I would be happy! What would you do clown related with her?

Leopard, enchi, OD

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