Female In The Front Of Tub All Day

My female albino 1500 grams is only at the front of the tub. Also she is refusing meals. I acquired her about a month ago but hasn’t fed. Could she be developing follicles this late in the year? Also should I attempt to put a male in would the male only lock if she’s producing follicles or do they lock regardless?
Still kind of new at this so I appreciate any suggestions. And the thermostat is set to about 88 on the hot spot so I know it’s not too hot in there

Can she develop follicle, yes it’s not all seasonal.

1500 grams and not eating for you yet is not unusual adults often take longer to settle, it’s not unusual doe them to take 3 to 6 months to settle and start eating.

Breeding? Personally I would not breed something that has not settle and is not eating for me. Obviously it’s your animal not mine.

So do you think the front of the tub behavior is more of a follicle development ? Rather than accustoming? Because getting used to a new setup all my other snakes stay in the warm side.
I have clear tub and I see her literally all day in the front.
And thanks for the advise about waiting on feeding etc, makes sense

It can be anything it can be she is adjusting, it can be she prefer the cool side, it could be her waiting on food, it can be she is building follicles, I can tell you what YOUR animal’s behavior mean, first thing you can do is palpate her.