Female Not Nesting?

So, another oddball situation I’ve noticed with one of my females.

With all my other females, after they ovulate they’ll start nesting and clearing out the bedding from underneath where they’ll lay their eggs.

This female has not done that, at all. I witnessed her ovulation, recorded a prelay shed, and she has been hugging the heat since then. She’s also gotten a little more spicy and will give me the side eye any time I peek into her tub for too long :rofl:

She’s due to lay tomorrow. She looks like she’s gonna pop!

I wonder if she’s just gonna lay on top of the bedding. Has anyone else had females do odd things like this, that is much different from what’s considered “normal”?

I’m not worried about it too much of course, but found it rather strange and even amusing for her not to show any nesting behavior.

… Meanwhile, my last female I’m waiting on eggs from (due May 6th), Charlie here, has already cleared out a nice space for her eggs :joy:


I set up the spy cam for her, and she’s just been sitting with her head up against the side of the tub like this. Kinda funny :rofl:


1 They are all different.
2 Do you have more heat where the head is?
3 Just a long shot, press under the mouth to check for fluid, I doubt its that, worth a check though, more likely the first 2 options…

Edit: did she lay as due 5 days ago?

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I know that? This post was more to share my observations, as I have been with other females that do odd things. It’s fun seeing how different these gals act when it comes to egg laying habits.

The heat mat runs up the side of the tub right next to where her head is laying.

She did not remain in this position for much longer, so I’m not worried about her potentially having a health issue. She’s acting more restless and is poking her head around the top of her tub when she does move around.

Some other pictures of her shenanigans I’ve witnessed while checking the camera:


And no, she has not laid yet. Hence camera observation so I’m not bugging her too much!



Sorry I don’t know your experience, I meant no offence. I usually reply for the reader too , not just the OP

Makes sense for my point 2.

I would be interested to know how things go :slight_smile:

Fair enough, I just woke up from a nap so kind of groggy and a little grumpy :sweat_smile:

So no offense taken! Just needed to wake up a little more, whoops.

But yeah, she’s just an oddball so I’m just waiting and keeping an eye on her. Will of course update this thread and my main 2022 breeding thread once she does lay!


No worries. I have learned something by your fair enough comment. Maybe I should clarify when I am responding to the less experienced non member readers :wink:
look forward to your updates

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She finally started laying her eggs — I did end up going in there and pushing some of the bedding out of the way for her a few days ago. Somehow didn’t feel her laying on the aspen would be ideal :rofl:

Will update once she’s done laying!