Fertilizer in Reptile Cages

I have been pondering this Q for a while. Just saw, in another thread, about Miracle Grow being mentioned, so I have to ask. (But I didn’t want to interrupt that otherwise DELIGHTFUL thread!)

Is it OK to fertilize an enclosure w what is almost certainly a chemical fertilizer? I have bags of garden soil branded by Miracle Grow. I was thinking of mixing it w some used coco fiber to make a substrate for some native turtles. The LAND side, not the aquatic side. Obviously, leaching can/will occur to a degree.

Is this bad for turtles? What about some small fish (food) that will be put in from time to time? The musk turtle will likely stay in the water, but I am hoping the others might choose to explore… I can buy more soil, but I overbought what we already have. Worried a bit, which probably answers the Q. What do y’all think?

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It could be okay but I personally wouldn’t use it. For dart frogs (and other amphibians/sensitive animals) it’s a terrible idea to use chemicals because they are very sensitive to changes.


I personally would never use anything with fertilizer in it.
I’m no expert by any means. But the question that goes through my mind ; could this be detrimental to the health of my babies?
We see how fertilizer affects humans that have had prolonged exposure. We know that runoff from farm fields contaminates water and makes it toxic to wildlife.
To me , the potential risks outweigh the want to use the remaining potting soil up.


I’d imagine the only fertilizer safe to use with reptiles would be aquarium fertilizers such as root tabs. They’re fish safe atleast, but I’ve never heard of anyone trying them in reptile soil though so it’d be a risk.

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