Field Herping for American Toadlets

I’m sending my nieces in Ohio out to find me some American Toadlets. I’m in the desert in California so I figured they would have a better shot after a search for CB ones went south. What time of year is best to find them? (Gonna just send them out anyways cause sending little girls herping is good for them, but would like to know when they might be successful.)


Welcome to the forum! I admit I don’t know the answer to your question, I just wanted to say hi. :slightly_smiling_face: And I agree- it’s a great idea to find ways for kids to connect with nature.

Keep an eye out HERE if you’re looking to find one online.


It depends on how tiny you want them…
Here is Maryland in the middle of June

By August they are much bigger

We staked out some marshy areas with lots of eggs and came back every few weeks to check progress. It was a lot of fun and super educational


In Metro Detroit, the Fourth of July was a field day (pun intended) for toadlets. Prolly a month or so old. Two hiking trails were always rife w them.

I’d take my daughter to a field each year, Earth Day - plus or minus a couple. It was a vernal pool then, and we could catch thousands of toads doing what toads do then… Couple months later, toadlets!

The parents: