Fiery by name, Fiery by Nature

M. fernandi male “Maurice” the female of these is due to lay eggs


How are these to keep compared to BTS?

That is crazy awesome! I totally would have one if they were more commonly available CB. :slight_smile:

Hopefully the female and eggs do well!


I have been considering one or a pair of these. How do you think they did adapting to captivity, were they easy or difficult?

they are eager breeders. Theres quite a lot cb now :slight_smile:

like most skinks that are WC and there are a lot, they are hardy and thrive.
In 1988 I had my first skink. Eumaces schnederii. She was adult WC. I had her until I was 24. I was 8 when I got her. They are pains to breed sadly.
These guys need a good depth of substrate, good uv and a basking spot. Humidity is crucial. However skinks are the most hardiest group of lizards out there. Omnivores too means they adapt very well indeed


A lot different tbh. More secretive. I find Blueys more “in yer face” skinks. These will turn tail and run, where as a bluey will happily tell you to back off if needed lol

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