Figuring Out Morph

Hi! I am new to the community and this is my first ball python. I got her at a reptile store but I am unsure of her morph and I would like to know more about her. Does anyone have any idea what she might be? I have no prior information on where she is from or what morphs her parents are.

Thank you!!!


She looks like a mojave pied to me.

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I don’t think there’s pied in there, pretty sure it’s a champagne combo. They get ringers like that


Champagne Mojave… something… :thinking:

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Guys I’m just seeing champagne. @saleengrinch works with champagne if I remember correctly.

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Champagne sounds right, I didn’t think about that because I’m not familiar with identifying it. Looking at examples on the marketplace I think she’s a mojave champagne or single gene champagne.


I think champagne welcome to the community

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She’s not a plain champagne, she’s a champagne combo. I don’t think it’s a champagne mojave, I’m leaning more towards black pastel/cinnamon champagne myself.


Definitely champagne, you don’t typically see white on the face of regular pieds iirc.

Likely has something else like black pastel or cinnamon, which is causing the high amounts of “pied” markings to show up on her.

I’m not 100% at IDing champagne stuff but from the bit of research I did on them recently and having acquired one myself, I can tell she’s a champagne combo of some sort


Looks cinny/black pastel champagne in my opinion.
I’ve hatched quite a few and have a few lol.

Here’s a hypo and non hypo version for reference lol

I would lean towards it being cinny based on the color as opposed to black pastel.


Looks like pied and champagne or cinnamon