Filter Tab Not Popping Up

Android App and Firefox the filter tab to sort out what genes and such your looking for is popping up minimized and Im unable to expand it to enter my search results.


Have you updated your app in the past 48hours?

Can you also tell me your device model?

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App auto updated yesterday.

S22 Ultra

Also tried to uninstall and reinstall app. Then checked the website with same results.


Hey I literally just checked again and its working.

I was having the issue this morning before work and I also tried a few times up until my post. Not sure what changed but it is working. Also on my browser.

I apoligize if it was something on my end but I did not change anything.


I am on my mobile and cannot see the daily releases right now, but I’d bet one of the devs noticed the same issue and fixed it since your post :grin:

Thank you for reporting and please keep doing so… even if it is just a user error, it helps us understand everyones usage and how we can improve.