Finalising IDs

Hey guys. Now these are all six months old and eating like champs, we’re finally ready to start selling them. Just want to finalise the IDs beforehand, we’d like to get as close as we can!

Pairing was Pastel, pinstripe, het red axanthic, het hypo X Super pastel Hypo.

I have been able to confirm the Hypos, but would like some more input on the other genes.

  1. Het. Hypo

  2. Hypo

  3. Hypo

  4. Het. Hypo

  5. Hypo

  6. Het.Hypo

  7. Het.Hypo

  8. Het.Hypo


Ok I am going to guess the best I can, please get some more feedback though, pins can be tricky!
1.super pastel, pin, het red
2.hypo, pastel, pin, poss.het red
3. Hypo, super pastel, pin, het red
4.super pastel, poss het red
5.hypo, Pastel, pin, het red
6. Pastel, pin, het red
7. Pastel, het red (for sure on this one)
8. Super pastel

Het red, pins are more subtle then Mojave pins. I do know they should busy up the pattern and effect the dorsal, but so does pastel/super pastel so it is a little tricky. Also like number 8 for sure is a super pastel, but weird pattern not really like a het red, maybe some hypo het influence? Or could be het red, I wouldn’t think so but? Hope this helps and not makes it more confusing for you! Nice clutch! Fun, guess what I am game too!

  1. Super Pastel Pinstripe HRA het Hypo
  2. Hypo Super Pastel Pinstripe
  3. Super Pastel Pin het Hypo
  4. Super Pastel het Hypo
  5. Hypo Pastel Pin
  6. Pastel Pin HRA het Hypo
  7. Pastel HRA het Hypo
  8. Super Pastel het Hypo

I’m not great IDing Hypo’s as hatchlings :see_no_evil: