Finally a shot at some Ultramels!

I paid a lot of money for a breeding trio of proven Het Ultramels a few years ago. Finally got an ovulation out of one of the females. Both females are Spider Het Ultramel. The male is a Pinstripe Het Ultramel. These snakes are a great example of why I say adult ball pythons don’t always acclimate easily when they change hands.


Best of luck. Hope they produce with good odds.


Good luck! I’ve had mixed results buying breeder females. Prefer to stick with raising from babies now.

Hope you get some nice pin ultras! Ultramel definitely killing it lately!


Adults are definitely a mixed bag and you’ll never have the same problem with babies raised in your room for sure. I got a ton of other recessive stuff with this group from a friend who after almost 30 years of BPs has been shifting to hognose and sand boas. Luckily all the other projects have gone a couple times and paid the bill on that lot but definitely not as quickly as I planned for lol.

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We don’t buy adults, purely because raising them is so much fun. Only downside is it takes a while before breeding weight.

But sounds like you had to wait anyway so I think we are going to stick with babiy snakes :grin:

Can’t wait to see some offspring, good luck :crossed_fingers:

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From people within my network I will still buy or trade for certain adults but I don’t seek them out at large. Acclimating them to your husbandry by raising them from babies is the best way. Buying adult females isn’t all that bad though. To be fair, while 3 adult females from that group of 8 didn’t go quickly, 5 have gone twice in the mean time, some of them within a month or two of clearing quarantine were breeding.

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