Finally! About time

Finally, our first time mommy got around to laying!
Cassandra is a Mojave, YB/Asphalt originally from Mutation Creation. She was around 1500g when we first paired her back in Dec with our Mr. Jingles a Lemon Pastel, Bling Yellowbelly. We’re hoping to prove her out one way or the other with this match up.

Last observed lock was in January, the last pairing was April, she went off feed in May so we stopped pairing. And then we waited, and waited, and waited! Post lay weight was 1110g!

Finally! September 6th!

Mommy on eggs

Four good eggs

Four eggs may not be enough to get our proof. Fingers crossed for the RNG and the blessing of the odds gods. :crossed_fingers:


Congratulations! Sounds like you could get some really cool stuff if she proves out Asphalt!

Cool stuff either way, just have to know which gene so I know what to pair her with and being sure of the offspring’s genes. I just hope we hit the 25% chance of dad’s yb gene + moms which ever. White snake means she’s yb, if she’s Asphalt well get a freeway. If we get neither, we won’t know and everything will be yb/Asphalt. :thinking:
Or we could get really unlucky and get 4 normals…

Heh, I just realized. She went into labor on labor day. No wonder I had to wait! :joy: :rofl: