Finally Aquired my Grail Herp.... Kind of

The thread about dream reptiles got me motivated to finally get a Indigo. I’ve always wanted an Eastern, but living in Florida makes that difficult. The Texas and Mexican Indigos don’t require interstate travel permits and I don’t have to deal with FWC by going that route.

He came in today, unsure of name for now.


Love the eye stripes! Makes them look so severe.

Which is funny, because they are puppy dogs.

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I’m a little biased because of where I live but I’ve always wanted a Texas. The ones I’ve seen in the wild are just phenomenal

I’m honestly not sure if hes Mexican or texas or a mix. Breeder said parents are Vera Cruz Rubidus but I couldn’t find one picture of Mexican Indigos that looked like him. But I found several pictures of Texas Errebenus that looked just like my little guy. Then again I’m sure that they can and have traveled in those ranges. The parents are dark and 7’+ in length. Either way I’m happy and I actually really like this super dark olive drab and then almost bronze chin and sides.

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That’s a great looking snake.

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Beautiful snake!! Those marks under his eyes remind me of the old goth death metal singers eye makeup!


Got that Alice Cooper eye makeup


Congrats, thats an amazing snake.

I think you’re onto a good name!