Finally built a 2nd grow out

So I’ve been needing to get around to building a 2nd grow out to have the rats not breed while growing… I finally got to it. I won’t be bothering with the gender sequestration until the weather cools though.


@randall_turner_jr Hi Randall! Doesn’t it feel good to finally get something accomplished?

Congratulations on a job well done!!! :+1:


Lol yeah it does. I’ve been so busy lately this was just pushed to a back burner. I’ve sold off most of my bigger enclosures and shifted to racks where appropriate, which meant building racks, transporting enclosures to buyers, disassembly of stands etc. Not to mention moving a wooden couch I built a while back, to the porch for seating and carrying in a heavy recliner couch…

Most had to be done with less than optimal tools as wild mice destroyed several of my shop tools…

I can keep going with oh and this, and oh yeah this, but that ends up being whining lol.


Lol! Sounds like next time you have a big project like that you should recruit some able bodied volunteers! :muscle::muscle: