Finally got my hands on

When I was a kid, a teenager in the early 2000s one of my main things I would do after school was hit the internet, check out all the classifieds and see what was available. When the first albino Mexican Milks were hatched and listed on kingsnake dot com for 3k each I thought “wow who would pay that for a snake”. Fast forward 20 years and Ive bought $3000 snakes handfuls of times lol. But inbetween all of that, in 2010 I first invested in some projects, Ghost california kingsnakes and Albino mexican milk snakes. But this is a milk snake story…

My journey started with a 2009 Freer TX locale male albino Mexican Milk, and a 2010 Freer TX het female, produced by Susan Hardy. Her friend/mentor Bill Cobb had collected an incredible orange banded adult pair of normal Mexican Milks in Freer TX, and when he hatched babies he talked Susan into a pair. Those turned out to be het albino.
(Pic of my 2009 albino male)

Since then I have also invested in the Spotted project (started by Bob Applegate who got the first Spotted wildcaught from Freer). In 2014 I made het albino spotteds, but only kept a pair, so each year I hatch albinos, spotteds, and normal colored possible double hets, but no combo yet.
(Pic of mom Spotted from albino x spotted project)

I also invested in the Hebbronville TX locale Transformer morph project. The Transformers were first hatched in 2011 maybe 2012… by Bill Lamoreaux. I had a 2013 female that turned out to be a male, and a 2014 male that turned out to be a female… lol.
(Pic of 2014 male)

BUT. One of the known morphs I wasnt able to get, was Hypomelanistic. The Hypo Mex Milks were around in the early 2000s, first ones I knew of were sold by Reptile Industries (Mark and Kim Bell). Last one I had heard of was bought at the 2004-2006ish Daytona Expo, but died that year. After I got into the mex milks in 2010 I asked Reptile Industries about the hypos but always just got a “theres none available right now”. Turns out they were producing them, until a worker accidentally sent out adult hets as normals to someone who bought normals. Guess the customers wouldnt send them back…

Fast forward to 2021, Daytona Expo. I didnt go, but a friend sent me pics of an adult male Hypo Mexican Milk that was on Reptile Industries table. I was able to have another friend get it from them within the week and then ship it to me.

This year he already bred to a 2018 Het Transformer, and will be tried with a 2014 Freer TX normal as well. Too bad the Anery morph was lost 2 decades ago… things could really get crazy for the next 20 years lol!!

(Last pic is a 2020 Transformer female I hope to one day breed him with)


Great information on milksnakes! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.


Very unique snakes! I really love the spotted one in particular.


They are beautiful! Thank you for the background stories. I always appreciate learning more about how different morphs made it into the hobby. (The cheers for the Morphpedia, too!)