Finally hatched Scaleless Corn snakes

After I got into the Palmetto project nearly 10 years ago it also only made sense to get into the Scaleless stuff as well. Unfortunately I had a ton of bad luck with them, 99% because I was breeding them wrong (just like I previously mentioned in my palmetto post). I have gotten over 150 infertile eggs (slugs) from this project. This year I finally got some good eggs.

Here is the male.
2019 Scaleless Tessera possible het caramel motley

Ended up with 5 Scaleless Tesseras

Pretty awesome little things.

Also hatched a handful normals/tesseras het scaleless. No pics of those right now though.


Awesome babies! Congrats!


What do you mean by this? For some reason I’m having trouble locating what you meant.


Congratulations they’re absolutely beautiful


I am wondering, too.

These babies are very nice, indeed! Congratulations!


Absolutely outstanding babies @mikefedzen Mike! Congratulations on an outstanding clutch! Your hard work certainly paid off!!! :+1::blush::100:

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Well. I typed out a whole response, and since this website wont allow me to say the least offensive 4 letter word in history, I deleted it. If you wanna hear my thoughts hit me up somewhere where my words that arent swear words wont be censored cause someone decided it was a BAD word. Insane.

Yeah, the censoring it is not meant to be limiting. It’s actually meant to make the form a healthier place because we do get younger users. But the many this is that we would never want anything to take away from our degree of professionalism because we already have so much going against us as a hobby.


Agreed @lumpy Riley!