Finally have some time. Check these out (Pic Heavy)

Been busy with a lot of things going on in life. Work has been non-stop and until it came to a halt last week. Now I’m all caught up on cleaning and managing the household. Check out some stuff I’ve been wanting to post.

Sub Adult Albino Enchi. I always tell people you gotta wait for their color to come in. White turns a vibrant yellow, sorta has an orange hue to it IRL.

Offspring from a Pastel dbl het Albino/Hypo x dbl het Albino/Hypo. I believe the one on the left to be a Pastel Albino (pos het hypo) and the one on the right to be a Sunglow (Albino Hypo) so time should tell if I hit the double recessive and should help me try out some Sunglow combos. I personally believe it got called a dead project way to early.

Offspring from a Banana Pastel tpl het Clown/Hypo/Pied x Pastel tpl het Clown/Hypo/Pied. I also had a Pastel tpl het rotating through there, I think he got 2 out of 3 females, weren’t a lot of bananas. Here I believe I have a Super Pastel Pied (pos dbl het) and a Clown Pied pos het.

So the 2 clowns that have really weird coloring came form the triple het pairings, they are both pos dbl het. for reference I put their normal sibling next to them and a pastel clown from a Pastel Hypo het Clown x dbl het Hypo/Clown pairing.

another from tpl het pairing. Super Pastel Clown? Odd coloring? Yep no idea whats going on here. Put them next to the other for color reference.

Again tbl het pairing. Now I know he is a clown and a pied. I’m not sure about hypo. I’m also not sure if im seeing banana, banana pastel/super pastel, banana hypo, super pastel, pastel/super pastel hypo… really it could be any combination of any of that. I’m pretty sure we are looking at a worlds first, potentially a triple recessive, I just don’t know what he is yet. However he is a male and I have a few girls that could help reveal what he is when hes ready.

Off spring from a Pastel Hypo het Clown x dbl het Hypo/Clown pairing. I believe her to be a Pastel Clown Hypo.

Pastel Hypo Pied x Hypo het Pied. These are the Hypo Pieds

and the Pastel Hypo Pieds

Pastel Hypo Pied x Enchi Hypo het Pied. This was the only enchi I got. I believe her to be a Enchi Pastel Hypo het Pied

These 2 hypos came from a Pastel Hypo het Clown x dbl het Hypo/Clown. Kinda paradox, kinda ringer, kinda not tho at the same time. Another I have no idea, they are interesting tho.


Awesome looking animals! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: You have a lot more patience than i do to work with triple hets. LOL i am over here still trying 3 years running to produce a double het. :disappointed_relieved:


Took me 5 years to produce my first double recessive. The triple recessives do make it a lot of fun tho. I’m still not trying to be too hopeful I hit on the triple visual, but it really looks like there is a chance.


Seriously dude… F*ing Wow. :heart_eyes:
Some amazing animals and future projects there.

This guys definitely my favourite.


Those clowns are exceptional :exploding_head::exploding_head: now u have time… please explain how to breed double/triple hets :smile::smile:

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I keep finding myself going back to the enchi. So many stunning snakes tho!



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For example, you could breed a clown and hypo together, all offspring would be double het hypo/clown. Breed those offspring together and you have a 1/16 chance at hitting on the hypo clown. Breed a hypo clown to a pied, all offspring will be triple het hypo/clown/pied. Breed those offspring together and you have a 1/64 chance at hitting on the hypo/clown//pied.