Finally, Our first eggs ever!

I almost thought it was not going to happen but finally our girl Samara gave us our first clutch ever…10 beautifull healthy eggs and no slugs. I knew she (pastel) and Eddie (lesser pinstripe yellow belly het red axantic) really had it going and she looked hudge, but she took almost 7 weeks between last shed and laying her eggs. So almost thought it was not going to happen…or I mistaked prelay shed for a normal shed…but she used the extra time really well. So happy right now.

Mom with her eggs

Now the big waiting starts :slight_smile:


Beautiful and congratulations! I can’t wait until it’s our time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Man there’s no better feeling. Congratulations!!!

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Woohoo! Congrats. What a wonderful first clutch! :smiley:

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Congratulations. Hope to see pics when they hatch :grin:

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Last week our first 10 eggs all hatched. We got 10 beautiful healthy babies…so happy now… it was great to see those tiny heads piping from their eggs…

The first three:

The seven other babies:

We even got a copy of dad…maybe even with pastel inside but we will see that when it gets older

Got still a clutch with seven eggs from a cinny fire female and a pastel banana male in the incubator. Hope they go as well as these. Maybe they are not the most hot genes or the most expensive ones but love the experience and am still already happy with the variation we got and mainly that all are really looking healthy. So to me this year is already great.


They look amazing. Congrats.

So it might not be what everybody else wants, but who cares… We need for ourselves and will care for every Reptile, if they don’t sell… Well more for us :grin:

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Banana is my fav morph by far. Since I saw my first one I’ve been in love with Bananas. And finally got for Christmas in 2019 one and he’ll be 2 this year!
My second fav is Bamboo which touch wood I’ll get getting this year! Not the most sought after but they’re my fav Royals!
I think we should do what we love, not what others want or love! We’re the one raising and looking after the babies and taking the time for them until they go.
I’m excited to see some Bananas :banana: :snake:


I agree! My son already claimed one for in his bedroom…I really like two other ones so three are already mostlikely staying at least for a serious time, maybe forever. Breed mice and ASF’s myself so food is also no problem. So if I sell the others fast it’s oke but there is no rush. With five genes in the paring at least at some time the others will sell. Only space will be more an issue in the long run but for the first year it will be no problem. Will be fun to see them changing and growing. But first goal is to get them going and eating.

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Really love bamboes too😃

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Space is an issue for us too. Keeping them is no problem, but it means less breeding in the future so not a huge problem.

Our son has claimed a snake also, although he may change his mind when he sees the next clutch :relaxed: