Finally the empty incubator syndrome is over!

A bit late for me since usually I have eggs hatching this time of the year yet this year this is my first clutch on the ground and the official kick off of the season so a small start with 9 eggs and some soon to be Banana Het Clown and Banana Clown females as well as other stuffs. :wink:

Banana Clown (Female Maker) X Lesser Het Clown


congratulations :smiley:


:smiley: ha see i told you only a matter of time before you would have awesome and amazing cluthes rolling in. This is only the beginning, can’t wait to see what else you get. Congrats

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My patience was running out, my incubator is usually off for 2 months of the year so it felt like a long time around :wink:, most exciting clutch will be a bunch of normal looking animals 30 days away :rofl:


Nice clutch Deb. Seems like a lot of you guys are running a little behind last year noticed my youtubers in the same boat.

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Thanks and yeah from what I heard seems like it is a late year, I usually have egg from february to november so for me it’s weird to start having eggs that late but considering everything going on it might be a good thing.


True. Very true.