Find Animals at Expos!

Now you can find animals that will be available for purchase or pickup at expos!


Reptile expos are a crucial part of the hobby. They attract many new enthusiasts and boost sales for breeders. We recognize their immense value to all of us. That’s why MorphMarket is taking expo support to the next level.

On our expos page, you can find upcoming shows and the vendors participating in them.

With our newest feature:

  • Sellers can now tag the animals they’ll have available for purchase at a specific expo (on the new edit animal page).
  • Buyers can easily view these animals in search using the filter “Expo Pickup,” enabling pre-sales.
  • Buyers can inquire about an animal beforehand and arrange for pickup at the expo. This makes the whole process straightforward and hassle-free.

To learn more about this new feature and how to use it, click


Oh what an amazing idea. I did recently notice a new (I think) field in the search that says Expo Pickup. It would be such a valuable resource for those of us who might be swayed into attending an expo if we know certain animals will be there. It would be great if every vendor attending an upcoming show would utilize this feature. I think it would increase buyer attendance and maybe help them make more sales. I wish there was a way to add expo that haven’t requested for their shows to be listed on MM. Do we need to receive a request from the organizers before it can be listed on the MM site? I know that one of the biggest expos in my area isn’t on the expo list on MM. Would be great if members of this forum or of Coldblooded could submit requests to add any expos that are missing from MMs event listings. I think the success of this awesome feature hinges on the amount of sellers willing to take an extra moment to provide the information needed in order for the feature to live up to its full potential. I know it will be an invaluable tool that buyers will find very useful and it has the potential for sellers to increase sales and it would likely increase attendance at the expos.

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Thank you for the feedback Gina!!

It depends. If they have a website they keep updated then we can work with that, but some are really minimal with their details and keeping us in the loop on rescheduling dates. It makes like 100x easier when we have direct and constant communication with the host.

Feel free to make that request on here and tag me, @aj-admin or @brittni-admin and we will look into the show and its vendors and weigh up whether we want to add their events or not.