Finished first layer of rack


also showing off newest breeder, she is named Billie and she is a Mack Snow Eclipse Bell Albino, going to be paired with Mack Snow Bell Albino. Got her from Blackburn exotics and she is perfect. Hoping to hold one of her offspring back and use it with another gecko im soon getting… (obviously pairing in the future)

also also, first pics of the geck where in her quarantine setup, hence the lack of paper towel in the rack pics

I like rack systems like that where there is a lot of space for the gecko, but it still doesn’t take up much space. As some advice, I think the gecko would benefit from some climbing material, nothing high, but when offered (since you have the means to do this), they will often use them. Additionally, loose substrate isn’t recommended, but if you feed out of a dish, and be sure to pack down the substrate so it isn’t very loose, then it’s less of a risk.

i swear i had some disinfected sticks laying around but could not find them and wanted to move her out of the quarantine tub, but soon she will have more opportunities than just the cork lol. as for loose iv been using loose for a while and im happy with it when there isnt any eggs being layed and no leaps to go get food then they get a mouth full of whatever, its probably bad but i honestly tong feed too often anyway, bowl is kinda just there for lazy nights.
But yeah once breeding season comes around all of them will be on probably sanded down ceramic tile, but possibly paper towel, just depends on if i can find my tile cutter (alot of things got lost during the move so its a struggle)

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It sounds like you have it all figured out. :+1: