Finished tank built for one of the Peter's Banded Skinks

The tldr to this is I had a trio, a male and female bonded and kicked little Lady here out of their club via bullying, shes been chilling in a tub for a while but got her setup with a 50gallon pvc tank, bioactive and plenty for her to do enrichment wise, even eat my succulents i love oh so much ;(

I carved the background out of foam sheet then drylocked and tinted it and hit it with some highlights to give it a bit more depth, overall VERY happy with how it turned out


oops not all of them sent in one batch so heres the rest


last thing is me setting her in the cage, since i cant upload video il just link my reddit post here!

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Looks super awesome! I hope to get a Peter’s Banded myself sometime soon, I’m envious!


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it looks great! Peter banded skinks are one of my favorites! I hope to set up a tank for a group of around 5 so I can try and breed them (probably unsuccessfully as they are next to impossible). I will definitely be referring back to this as it looks perfect! please keep us updated!

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they are super cool just also a super shy species, for example she only is letting me mess with her now that iv had her for over a year and hand fed her back to health after she got bullied by her tank mates. Other 2 will poke their heads out when i close the door and its feeding day tho lmao.
I think once people get their breeding figured out they will be amazing pets, since once they trust you they pretty much always come at night, but until then you just got a sandbox lmfao

will do, also il say much like other communal skinks it seems in captivity they really only bond with one then kick others out, why she is separate, she was with 2 others (making 3 in total) in a 120 gallon but the male liked the other lady and bullied the hell out of her it seemed until i found out, they are also very good at hiding due to their burrowing nature so its hard to find out unless your doing monthly inspections like myself.
Its very strange given how many live together in the wild. But the good news at least is that the male and female I have show interest.
Just super tldr if you do end up getting 5 id do pairs of 2 and see how it goes.

Interesting. I have never heard of that. I really, really hope that your other ones do end up breeding as I really think it is needed. Do you have any pics of your other enclosure?