Fire Clown what should I breed with

hey guys,

I recently bought a female Fire Clown. I’m very new to this and I want my clutches to be all clowns. if I get another OD YB Clown, will my odds be high? I really want bright and yellow clowns. please guide me to the information needed. thanks for your time.


Any clown bred to another clown will produce all clowns. I’d take some time to get a really good grasp on the inheritance mode for the genes you want to work with, and figure out what look you want to go for. That should answer a lot of your questions right away


You can also use the ball python morphmarket calculator to see what your odds will be when you pair animal 1 x animal 2 together. You can find the calculator on every ad you open to review, under the photos.


Hey there and welcome to the forum! I really like the clown morph! You are getting some great advice already! Best of luck to you and your breeding project! :pray::blush::sunglasses:

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