Fire Identification Markers

Hello there. Had a question about the fire mutation in terms of visual markers to identify the het princess diamond?
I ended up with a set(2018’s) from well know producer, 1.1 Fire Motley Jungle/Fire, through a friend on extended breeder loan. I didn’t really consider him a sire to a litter I had in April since there weren’t any motleys. But was doing a brush up on them and had seen as a potential abnormality, small scales. A few do have a bit smoother texture to scales, one is extreme to to point of scaleless posteriorly. Do notice some pin-striping on a couple like their “Aunt”, similar to the other potential dad but made me question the sire in the first place.
Should know more about what to expect from my fire male in Feb/24, he just goterdid on a proven female. However, would appreciate help identifying fire in a litter bred to a “normal”. There’s one from the prementioned litter that’s kinda exceptional- hypo and zero black including all tail rings except for face strap, dark eyes, particularly reduced pattern.
Thanks much!


Got any pictures? :pray::thinking:


You bet. I’m out here in the stone age here in Montana both chronologically and technologically- not a social media champion. :rofl: Can you upload pictures straight to this page? Operate mostly from da wifes phone so I’ll have to have her send em to my laptop. Or better ideas acceptable. The gallery allowed for basic members is less than 3 nfs, so that’s as far as I’ve got there.


I can’t help with the topic of your thread, but I can definitely help with:

The answer is very much yes! You can either copy & paste the photos, or click the highlighted button in the reply box, which will allow you to upload directly!


Not a thread related reply but I absolutely LOVE Montana! I am so jealous! I’m in IN……. :blush:

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Curious baby

Couple siblings

Her now


Fire Motely Jungle (possible dad, but unlikely)and this seasons kick. Pretty sure dad was Hogg hypo.

Flamingo Jungle(definitely mom)


Was a little easier to just post shots from my wife’s account. Just a “for the record statement”- don’t really think the litter in question is fire but they certainly are hottie hot, very dwarf too. Can’t find a picture of the probable dad, he’s hogg hypo het albino- hope I still have one, dude bought him back last spring. Just now that I do have fires coming wanted to know what to look for to sort em out. I would guess that one of the markers is white sides? Hoping there’s more to it than that, I have plenty of 100% not fire that are blasted in white sides.


The first picture is of a Hog Island female and a male motley. Hog Island boas are a natural accruing hypo.

The second picture is a female hypo jungle and a male motley. Flamingo is just a color phase name like Pastle.

I am assuming the motley male is het fire. Sorry, I can help with markers for fire as I don’t have any or breed for fire boas. But I wish you the best of luck with them. Hope you get lots of babies you want.


Typically a marker for the Fire gene is a small section of scales under the chin or neck area that are translucent. I’m traveling for a few days, when I get back I’ll send you a pick of mine for an example.


@tusker40 The transparent scales on the chin were the ticket. Checked my fire female(not pictured) and she does have the transparent scales. Little hard to tell on that motley jungle since he’s bout to shed but I’ll get a picture for folks of when I have a few and an extra hand to take the shots- they don’t like neck flips. Didn’t think the babies above were fires but wanted to be sure that I hadn’t mixed up dads. The little guys are just possible super hypo(hogg). Thanks much, most helpful.


Here are a couple of pics. Not the best quality as this is not the easiest location on his body to get a picture. This is a Kahl albino Motley fire so the snake is light colored already but you can clearly see the difference in scales.


Right on. I did a check through and it did eliminate my fire motley as a dad to one litter discussed earlier. But find 2 babies in one litter from this year and one from last year that he may have been part of duel sire on those litters. I’ve been mainly using him as a back up breeder, kinda thought he was sterile, maybe not. I’ll do some pics of at least one of my adult fires and some of the necks on these babies later today. Again ty!
23 motely X(?)= fire or het lep or just jungle full

23 motely X(?) neck

22 Hypo X(?)= fire or het lep or just jungle full, maybe a funny motley

22 Hypo X(?) neck

edit- here’s a couple that I’m just not as sure anymore. Were almost half in the 23’s with various saturation of trans scales. Seeing the lack of pigment on the 22’ kinda shocked me.