Fire YB Leopard het Clown poss Het Pied? Need your help!

Greetings everyone!

Need experience feedback from breeders that work with OD and Leopard.

He was sold to me as a Fire YB Leopard Het Clown poss Het Pied and the breeding was Leo OD YB DH Clown Pied x Fire Leo Clown, so there’s a lot of genetics in the mix.
Already talked with the breeder and we are both curious about what you guys have to say about this little guy.

And here’s a photo of what the breeder believes is the OD version of that

Eager to read some of your input.


@mostwantedpythons I do work with OD and Leo and have made several combos. I believe that your snake does not have OD, but it looks like you got what you paid for, all genes the breeder thinks are in there look correct to me.


Thanks for your feedback. Both on facebook and here :smile:

Sadly there’s very few of this documented so it’s really hard to compare.

The example of a YB Fire Leopard in WOB looks completly way off from mine.

I suspect there’s something more to him, since there’s a chance of him being a super leo too, but time will tell :sunglasses:

Your forgetting about the animal being Het Clown and Het Pied. They both will change the look of an animals color and pattern drastically. You can always try to prove out the OD if you believe its in there.


I also am working Leo OD , and have a few hold backs that I could not let go of just to prove out the gene. That is the exciting part of this that pays off with dedication. you have an incredible animal that deems to be proved out, and as far as WOBP goes there will always be a picture that might be off from what someone holds being the same gene. And like what was stated above already, being het has been known to show some type of variance to the exact same gene not having hets in them. Best of luck with that project, and hope everything proves out!!

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I’ve seen several cases of Het Pied and Het Clown acting like an enhancer “gene”, but never saw that to change the pattern that drastically.
This being said, i’ll guess he will have a lot of work in the future :sunglasses:

Over the years I’ve produced quite a few het Clown combos that a lot of people would swear were visual Clowns, but were just hets. Ive displayed and sold them at some of the Repticon shows I Vend . Ive also seen animals that look Visual Pied but act like hets when bred to Proven Pieds. Not everything is Black and White when it comes to Ball Pythons. Take the Banana / Coral Glow for instance who would have thought an animal would consistantly throw one sex verses the other, Mind blowing right. It keeps us all coming back for more, and thats what I love about this industry.

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