First Bananas since 2016

I haven’t bred anything Banana in years, due to having a sour taste from them tanking so hard, but I really wanted/needed one for my Sunset project. However the male isn’t going to be ready until next year, and the Banana Cypress girl I picked up was developing follicles, so I figured to throw my RS in with her to make some RS Cypress Bananas. First hatchling threw me for a loop, I had no idea what it was, besides Banana. After asking around and actually looking at the snake, it’s been determined that my Banana Cypress female is also YB.
Let’s just say, for my rack space, it’s a good thing all these Bananas are males, albeit female makers. The last two in the clutch are a YB and a RS.
Banana Red Stripe YB

Banana Red Stripes


Those banana rs are awesome!


Definitely one of my favorite morphs and will be a big part of my breeding plans.


My fav morph by far!
How have you gone so long without one in your life :flushed:


Simple really, when you drop 6k on one, and then when you’re producing them (less than a year later) they’re 500-800; and then that same male decided to skip breeding the next year. Was not a fun jump for my first real investment.


Yeah, I am sorry that happened. The market really stinks often, even in the boa world (I am there). My first investment was an Anery Sterling for $2500. That might not seem like 6k but for someone only working part time for 11.50 per hour, it hurts to see what inflation has done to prices. Trying to get the money to invest now when prices are lowered lol :joy:. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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Damn, that’s fair enough.

They’re literally around £150 for males and £250 females now in the uk. Single gene bananas.

Though I was lucky the other week and paid 250 for 2 female banana het clowns, one with mojave and the other enchi…
I’m lucky I was first to message about the banana mojave when she was up as the woman had a lot of interest as she was up at only 120… And then she told me about her sister so I couldn’t say no.

What a massive fall in price…


My biggest return has actually been from one of the lowest priced males I ever bought- Red Stripe Het Hypo. I think I paid 399 shipped. Then 3 months later, the RS clown stuff was revealed. I’ve probably gotten at 10x what I paid.

Next year should be interesting as it was the year I absolutely did my most spending. Hypo Clown Het Pied male, Blackhead Hypo Het Clown male, Sunset Het Hypo male, then some boys I produced that should get up to size.


I’m not sure if it’s because more started to be known about the sex link with the genes, or others just mass producing them. It was just when I started to get back into snakes after a 4 year hiatus. I didn’t know about the sex link at the time. Just saw a buddy with a Banana Bumble PH Hypo available, called him about it, cut me a really good deal since single gene Bananas we’re 6k at the time, so I bought it. I remember debating between that and GHI because they were priced very similarly. He actually did prove to be Het Hypo as well.