First clutch ever and... wait-

The pairing:

Naked Noodle, a Scaleless with two hets (Caramel, Hypo) and two possible hets (Amel, Motley)

Alaska, a Salmon Snow (Anery + Amel [+ Red Factor?])

Results: 13 healthy eggs, egg 14 was abnormally large and required a vet visit for removal. (The vet said that 14 had likely been a viable egg, and wanted to do surgery. I instead chose to have the egg drained and Alaska passed it on her own a day or so later.)

The first pips: (the egg on the bottom left appears to have the yolk sac sticking out, though it made me a bit worried at first)

The one on the bottom right is… Anery?! I was expecting het Anery’s not visuals! I guess my male may have been mislabeled when I purchased him (i did double check the ad, no sign of Anery)

I just wanted to share this here, as most of the people I know outside my household aren’t exactly fond of my pets. I know theres been a few surprise babies here already… What a strange year.


Very cool! Can’t wait to see them all out.


Hooray for pippies! We’ll be excited with ya!

Your boy is obviously het Anery, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he was what I would consider mislabeled. It’s likely that his seller simply didn’t know. There are hets floating around unnoticed within the population. Anery is really widely distributed, occurring in both wild and captive corns. It’s a frequent “surprise.”

Congrats on your babies’ imminent arrival!


Heres a little update on them, Ive seen 12 so far, the 13th egg has a cut on it, but I haven seen any signs of life from it.

A few are still in egg on this picture but so far i have 3 snows, a few anerys, an albino, 3 red/orage babies(hypo?), and a possible ghost. Trying not to disturb them much, so only going off of the colors I can easily see.

All I was expecting from this pairing was a bunch of normals, and maybe a few albinos since the male was a possible het amel.

I may or may not have a chair by my incubator to just watch them hatch and explore their egg box.

All I know for sure right now is that this clutch is full of surprises, and i cant wait to watch them grow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Haha, that’s what I do!

Looks like you got a great variety! Can’t wait to see them better once they’re all out.


Yes i am waiting (impatiently i admit) so i can hold them and fawn over each one individually. I imagine waiting never gets easier


It doesn’t! :wink:


Count me one of the Chair Brigade, too!

Your babies are beautiful! I love the variety. You’re going to have so much fun after they shed.


I’m sure I will! Maybe too much fun. Seeing them eat their first meal, learning their personalities and quirks, giving them nicknames… cleaning up their post meal “art projects”

Most importantly Im glad those that have hatched appear to be healthy, the only hard descision i hope to make this year is which one(s) is/are my favorite


:smile: I literally laughed out loud at the “post meal art projects.” I’ve always loved my babies, animal and human, but I’ve never considered those particular sort of project to be art!

I’m glad your first season includes only the best kind of hard decision.


It was Kathy Love herself that coined therm term “genetic soup” when it comes to the majority of corn snakes on the market.

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I meant to update sooner but work was a bit crazy.

So 12 of them hatched, the 13th never came out of the egg.

I have them in their baby bins, so far only 1 has eaten but im not worried, not yet at least.

Now for some pictures from cleaning bins today. Seems most everyone has settled into their hides or behind their water cups, with a few hanging in the middle. Didnt get pics of everybody, only these 3. This kinda showcases everything i wasnt expecting with this clutch :laughing: I may try and get pictures of all of them later


Love how curious that last baby looks! Have they had their first sheds yet?

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Not yet, most of them have that faded/dusty look, so im thinking in the next day or so.

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You’ve really gotten the variety pack!

Back again with more pics. Everyone has shed and half of them have eaten at least once so far! Im starting to sort the morphs out, many of them seem straightforward but im not sure if I have anynot so much.

I’ll put my thoughts with each pic, but im not in a rush to ID them, and know for ID help I’ll need better pics, but for now i wanted to share them all.

1- Snow

2- Albino (pos. Red factor?). This little one is super red.

  1. Anery. This one is the darkest of its Anery siblings, i love the black/silver mix.

  2. Snow. This one is very pink compared to #1. Just normal variation, maybe red factor, ill just have to wait and see.

  3. Anery.

  4. Hypo? Thats my best guess, which means the female had secret het. Cant complain

  5. Anery + Red Factor. Thats my best guess they are very brown

  6. Anery + Red Factor. This one has been nicknamed coco.

  7. Hypo?

  8. Ghost. Honestly this is why i believe 6 and 9 are hypo.

  9. Anery

  10. Snow

I am trying so hard not to fall in love with all of them but they are just too adorable.


Cute babies!

Looks like number 1 might be a snow motley, but I would need to see a belly pic to confirm.

7 and 8 and definitely not anery. They look like normals to me.

9 appears to be a hypo motley.


Such pretty little babies! I love all the variety.

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I forget normal corns have a huge variation based on where they are from xD. They are still really beautiful.

The male was p/h motley so if the female carried too i could easily see that, I’ll try and get pics of the bellies of 1 and 9 when i have free time.


I’m with Olivia on #7 and 8, pretty babies who are classic/ normals. You’ve definitely got hypos and a handsome little ghost. There’s wide variation possible in every morph, part of what makes this enterprise occasionally frustration, always fascinating. I also agree with you that they’re all adorable!